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San Saba County is located in the Central Texas Edwards Plateau region. The county was created in 1856 after being settled by Anglo-Americans in 1839. The county was named for the San Saba River which slices through its middle. It is a primarily rural community in which a major portion of the economy centers around the agricultural economy. Most income comes from feeder cattle, cow-calf operations, sheep, and goats. Crops include pecans, wheat, hay, and peanuts.

The 2020 census notes that 6,055 reside in the county with the median household income being $46,100. Thirty-four percent of the children in the county live below the poverty level. Towns in the county include San Saba, Cherokee, Bend, and Richland Springs.

The city of San Saba, the county seat, is often called the “Pecan Capital of the World” as it ships pecans worldwide. The county has more than 500 miles of running streams-more than any other Texas county. From this abundance of streams, the area around the community of Bend is known for its great fishing and fishing camps. During the autumn/winter seasons hunters take white-tail deer, wild turkey, and native game birds.

Featured attractions of the county include Colorado Bend State Park, San Saba Municipal Golf Course, Mill Pond Park, the Wedding Oak Tree, and the Suspension and Regency Bridges.

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