Upcoming Events

Our next 4-H meeting will be on November 16th at the Civic Center from 5:30 -6:30 pm.

Upcoming Contests

Leaders 4 Life

Leaders 4 Life is a contest where a team of 4-H members acts as a 4-H officer team to work through a mock meeting using the correct forms of Parliamentary Procedure. This event tests the team’s knowledge of parliamentary procedure and how to efficiently handle the business portion of meetings.

This contest is set for December 2nd, 2021 in San Angelo, Texas.

Food Challenge

Food Challenge is a contest where a team of members takes the random ingredients they are given that day and turns them into a tasty dish that fits within the category they were given. If you love to cook, use creativity, or love high-energy events then this contest is for you!

This contest is set for January 26th, 2022 in San Angelo, Texas.


Consumer Decision Making

Consumer Decision Making is a contest where a team of members uses deductive reasoning and critical problem-solving skills to determine the best product for your money out of a set of 4.

This contest consists of 8 stations that cover different areas of products such as tablets, sunglasses, outdoor backpacks, etc.. Within that station, contestants are given a scenario and 4 different products and are asked to rank the products from best deal to worst deal.

This contest is set for February 18, 2022 in San Angelo, Texas.


If your child would be interested in any of these contests then please contact our office at 325-372-5416 or our extension agent at kailey.miller@ag.tamu.edu .


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